Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Idea of Order at Key West

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Last week I was knee deep in snow banks as I continued to learn how to ski. This last week witnessed me flying ten feet over the top of my jet ski as I labored to splash my friend with a high speed spray of water.

I spent a few days in Key West, Florida with my buddy Christopher Urynowicz. We met at Officer Candidates School in June 2001, lost touch for about a year, and then serendipitously met while I was visiting my cousin in Las Vegas. We have kept in touch ever since then and I've been very grateful for his friendship.

This time of year Key West has no humidity and has temperatures in the low 80s. Worldings were out in force and I couldn't help feeling like I was back in Cabo San Lucas. By that I mean that I was in another sun-drenched resort where people worshipped sex and each other's bodies and operated in a consequence-free environment. Even things as potentially innocent as t-shirts revealed the most vile thoughts and ideas - most of which are not repeatable - but one sampling might include a t-shirt that said "Fuck you, you fucking fuck." This might at first elicit a casual laugh - but really it is horrific that such stuff is being sold.

I got to tour some of the wreckage on my jet-ski – amazing to see how some of these boats were thrown like toys.

I found myself in the same situation as I did in Cabo - and did the same. I found some quiet areas to enjoy conversation, cigars, and peaceful time with my friend. Key West rocks to the tune "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die" and gyrates its hips with its pants around its ankles as it screams "There is no God!"

Thankfully, there is. Happy New Year.

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