Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why I still love America

When you keep journals you often have a chance to go back and read things you had written some time ago.  Sometimes you agree with every last word.  Other times you wonder what you could possibly have been thinking.  This piece was written almost 5 years ago, in mid-2009.  Surely it must have been  some particular event that caused me to sum up my feelings for my country, but I don't recall what that event was.  For your consideration...

Why I still love America...
...despite a dollar printed by a private cartel
...despite an unjust war which will last a decade before in ends in Iraq
...despite a military ethos that believes that at least 800 worldwide bases are necessary to maintain and support our empire
...despite the continuing cover-up of numerous government deceits, including the foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor's bombing; the murder of President Kennedy and his brother by among others, the CIA; the foreknowledge of the bombing in Oklahoma City by the ATF; and the controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2, and 7 on September 11th
...despite an income tax that was never truly ratified
...despite a one-party system disguised as a two-party system in a false left/right paradigm
...despite choices we've made that have condemned our cities to rule by the automobile
...despite a "health care" industry that survives by feeding us endless pills
...despite the fact that our government outlaws a plant that can be used to make clothing, rope, and paper, and grows everywhere, and has helpful medicinal qualities, and that this outlawing occurs to allow drug companies to keep their vicelike grip on how we treat our illnesses
...despite the fact that over 30 million of our fellow countrymen have never been given the chance to live and die because their chances were stolen from them by abortion, and that we promote abortion and sterilization with our tax dollars worldwide.
...despite the fact that we have no sense about the most basic things in life, especially food.  We pay no heed to where our food comes from or what goes into making it, or how deeply processing food robs it of its essential nutrients
...despite the fact that we prop up dictators worldwide while pretending to be the bastion of democracy

...I still love this country because...
...we are not prohibited from believing in our religion
...we are, with whatever gifts and talents God has given us in combination with the means at our disposal, free to pursue nearly everything we would like to do
...we are possessed of a land of unequaled natural beauty, from the Great Lakes to the Keys, from the Sierras to Frost's yellow woods of New Hampshire.
...we are a people uncommonly optimistic and generally hard-working, and despite our often blatant irreligiousness, believe that this life is not a cosmic accident
...we, despite numerous shortcomings, accept race as part of a person's identity and have a more heterogeneous culture as a nation, and while individual cities worldwide may be more diverse, given our enormous geographic size, we are quite diverse as a country
...when we perceive we are on the ropes (perhaps only then), we rise to the occasion with a will to triumph
...we, despite the prevalence of ignorance and a population distracted by celebrity, still have so many people who are awake, active, and engaged
...that more and more people are thinking about the scarcity of our resources, despite what is true or not about peak oil, and that is changing habits that will make for better lifestyles
...that in modern times we have escaped the true horror of war on our own shores and have relative peace and security in our daily lives

I look back on this journal entry and still agree with all of what I wrote, which is rare.  In my 35th year of life on this amazing planet that God has been so good to give us, I can truly identify America as my home, and while I am enjoying every minute of my European adventure, after living on three different continents, there's nowhere else I want to live for the rest of my life, than in the heart of the New World.

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